Jon Moxley is back

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Re: Jon Moxley is back

Messaggio da Jeff_HHH » ... sh-barnett
"We were going to go to Honolulu, for a vacation, and it just so happened that Josh was fighting in Bellator. We were going to have dinner with Josh the night before and everything was fine. At this point, I'm scheduled to wrestle Josh at Bloodsport in April. This is December. This is an advantageous opportunity to get some press behind this thing. Josh is like, 'After the match, I'll do a promo. You jump in the cage, we do our business and promote Bloodsport. We'll make sure everyone is aware and you don't get arrested.' I was assuming (he would win). The details weren't clear, but I wasn't going to be a wuss. If I said I was going to follow through, I would follow through, even if I got arrested. I was set to jump in the cage at Bellator and start talking shit. Security or cops be damned. I was just hoping the whole Bellator locker room didn't empty and beat the fuck out of me"
Non so dove sia il topic di Bloodsport quindi posto qui.
Mox che dice che fosse pronto a essere picchiato dal locker room della Bellator fa sorridere.
"A different type of cat" cit.